Weekly Christian Gathering


We at GCI LA strive for the opportunity to have a group of strong Christian friends that we can rely on during any season! Because of this, we have organized small groups, which are groups of 6-10 people who meet weekly to discuss life and faith. Life is hard by ourselves, but the burden is so much easier when we share it with others. Join us as we share our lives with one another, and encourage and pray for each other on a weekly basis in a small group!

GCI LA currently has three active small groups that meet during the week, once a week. These are always open to new members.

No matter how busy you are, anyone can make time for meeting with a small group! Small groups are designed to be only one hour on one night a week. Sometimes they meet at someone’s home, but sometimes they meet in a public place, like a Starbucks or McDonald’s. Small group is a place where you can be yourself, share how you’re doing, and get to know other church members on a deeper level. Conversations at small groups can include sharing the “highs and lows” of your week, or they may involve discussion questions based on the past Sunday’s sermons. Every group is different!

To catch up on sermons that you may have missed but want to talk about for small group, visit the Sermons page.

For more information on a small group that will fit your area, please contact our assistant pastor, John Graham.