Worship Service on Saturdays, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
First Presbyterian Church of Inglewood
100 N. Hillcrest Blvd., Inglewood, CA 90301
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Charlottesville and the Word of God

The nature of human conflict, such as the incident in Charlottesville, reveals a spiritually based problem of the heart. This message addresses how God sees the problem and provides the solution through His Word. 47 minutes


God loves all humanity and invites us to participate in this love relationship.  He wants us to RSVP– to respond.  35 minutes

Where Is God When Babies Die?

God has a heart for babies who meet untimely death– such as those miscarried, stillborn or aborted.  Using Psalm 130 as our guide, we learn that because God is eternal and omnipresent he is present when babies are conceived and when they die, and there is hope for their future in his master plan for…

Two Moms and a Baby

God placed two mothers in this child’s life to ensure his nurturing and development, and the fulfillment of his own divine purpose.  14 minutes

The God of Renewal

Our God constantly renews and refreshes.  In fact he is the God of Renewal, in the past, present and future, and his renewal always begin in a person’s heart.  Are you being renewed by God?  42 minutes

Jesus In Our Homes

What makes up a Christian home?  Pastor Bermie Dizon briefly discusses the great mystery of Christ in us and how it affect our lives.  17 minutes

The Blessed Mess

Anthony Mullins, director of GCI’s Generations Ministries, talks about how God works through messiness in our lives. 39 minutes.