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First Presbyterian Church of Inglewood
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Steven Brooks


Moses had a mountain-top vision of the promised land. Dr. Martin Luther King declared having had the same experience.  It could even be said for Harold Jackson, the trailblazing African American leader in our denomination. Their visions were all about victory for their people.  But the mountain-top experience of Jesus far surpassed the others–his vision was…

A Study of Mark 16

As the world concludes the season celebrating Jesus’ birth, this worship service in Bible Study format focuses on the passage in the final chapter of Mark that describes the women’s encounter at Jesus’ empty tomb–where the angel declares, “He has risen!”  58 minutes

Celebrating Jesus While Suffering

The Christmas season is a time of joyful celebration of Jesus’ birth. But how can you celebrate if you are in the midst of suffering and pain? This message explains why Jesus Himself is the reason you can celebrate Him while suffering. 29 minutes

A Multifaceted Peace

As Christians, Jesus Christ is the source of our peace–and the peace He gives has many different aspects or features.  How is the peace of God multifaceted?  This message explores answers to that question.  25 minutes

What Is your Great Commission?

The “Great Commission”  Jesus gave his disciples, described in Mathew 28:18-20, also applies to the church today.  Collectively, Christians are called to bring the Light of Jesus to a spiritually dark world, serving as ambassadors and soldiers on behalf of his kingdom.  Because each of us is unique, God’s plan for each person fulfilling that…

Hebrews 11:7-40 “By Faith…”

Hebrews 11 was written to encourage the Hebrew Christians to persevere despite persecution by recounting examples of Old Testament saints who lived “by faith.”  This message discusses how those examples benefitted the Hebrews in their distress.  It also explains how Christians today are in a similar situation to those Hebrews, and how we–like they– can…

Hebrews 8: Jesus – High Priest of a Better Covenant

Our study of the book of Hebrews continues with chapter 8, which declares Jesus as the supreme High Priest of the New Covenant and quotes a passage from Jeremiah 31 that tells why the new is better than the old.  This message also answers the question, “Why do we need Jesus as our High Priest?”  30 minutes

Hebrews 2 – Jesus Lived Among Us

This second sermon in the series on the book of  Hebrews exposits the author’s claim in chapter 2 that the message of Jesus is superior to the message of the old covenant and that through the sufferings Jesus experienced in his sinless life he completely qualified to be our Savior.   34 minutes

We Must Obey God Rather Than Men

Peter’s powerful declaration in Acts 5:29 describes the Christian response to conflict between the commandments of God and those of human government.  But why must we do this?  Throughout Acts chapter 5 we find important and inspiring answers.  36 minutes

Do You Belong Here?

Jesus said “I will build my church.”  If you are a Christian, do you know for sure that you belong in the body of Christ?  This message explains how you can know the answer — and why it is important.  35 minutes