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Jesus Christ

Hebrews 8: Jesus – High Priest of a Better Covenant

Our study of the book of Hebrews continues with chapter 8, which declares Jesus as the supreme High Priest of the New Covenant and quotes a passage from Jeremiah 31 that tells why the new is better than the old.  This message also answers the question, “Why do we need Jesus as our High Priest?”  30 minutes

Hebrews 5

The early church in Jerusalem had reached a point where they lacked the desire for further understanding of the way of God, they were content with what little they knew of Jesus and sought to retain many of their old covenant traditions and ceremonies.  In this sermon pastor Bermie Dizon shows that God’s way is the way…

Jesus Is Our Good Shepherd

In Christ we are in God’s grip of grace eternally.  Jesus is our everything, including our good shepherd who watches over us, provides and cares for us, as well as seeks and rescues us in our time of need.  42 minutes

Hebrews 4: Entering God’s Rest

Are you weary and burdened, do you worry about life’s uncertainties, do you fear what tomorrow might bring?  God’s invitation to enter his rest still stands, and it is offered to all.  Pastor Bermie Dizon expounds on God’s gracious invitation in this inspiring message.  50 minutes

Hebrews 2 – Jesus Lived Among Us

This second sermon in the series on the book of  Hebrews exposits the author’s claim in chapter 2 that the message of Jesus is superior to the message of the old covenant and that through the sufferings Jesus experienced in his sinless life he completely qualified to be our Savior.   34 minutes

Hebrews 1- Jesus Is God

Who is Jesus?  This sermon is the first in a series on the book of Hebrews.  It is an overview of a letter testifying of the superiority of Christ to Jewish Christians who still clung to old testament customs.   51 minutes

By What Authority?

A delegation representing the Jewish religious leadership confronted Jesus as he was teaching in the temple and challenged his authority to do the things that he did.  John and Rosa Graham discuss his response to this challenge in a study of Mark 11 & 12.   65 minutes

The Awesome God

Where is God during your time of trouble?  Often when trouble comes into our lives God can seem so far away, but is he?  Pastor Bermie Dizon explains the importance of having a clear understanding of who God is and how he relates to us, and the assurance it provides during life’s difficult moments.  42 minutes