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Christian Living

The Hope of Nations

The celebration of Black History Month is also a celebration of hope.  For the history of Blacks in America is characterized by perseverance and the driving force behind perseverance is hope.  And the only true source of hope is Jesus Christ.  11 minutes

Black History in the Church

History plays an important role in the development of the people of God, telling us what God has done and will do for us.  It is a source of our vision, giving us hope and strengthening our faith.  Black history is church history.  44 minutes

Martin Luther King and the Three Pillars of Wisdom

This message discussed the history of the civil rights movement in America, emphasizing that it was based on scriptural foundations, was primarily nonviolent in nature and brought together people of different ethnicities, faiths and organizations in pursuit of a common goal.   35 minutes

Soaring Like Eagles

Often today’s youth fail to grasp their purpose in life.  Jillian Caranto, pastoral resident, describes how developing a relationship with Christ and dedicating her life to his service has caused her to soar like an eagle.  19 minutes

Celebrating Jesus While Suffering

The Christmas season is a time of joyful celebration of Jesus’ birth. But how can you celebrate if you are in the midst of suffering and pain? This message explains why Jesus Himself is the reason you can celebrate Him while suffering. 29 minutes

Confidence in Me?

God exhibited a certain degree of confidence in Job when Satan was permitted to greatly persecute him, does he have a similar confidence in Christians today?  18 minutes