Worship Service on Saturdays, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
First Presbyterian Church of Inglewood
100 N. Hillcrest Blvd., Inglewood, CA 90301
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Christian Living


Gloria Brooks shares a wonderful example of the benefits of glorifying God in all that we do.  9 minutes

Do You Belong Here?

Jesus said “I will build my church.”  If you are a Christian, do you know for sure that you belong in the body of Christ?  This message explains how you can know the answer — and why it is important.  35 minutes

The God of Renewal

Our God constantly renews and refreshes.  In fact he is the God of Renewal, in the past, present and future, and his renewal always begin in a person’s heart.  Are you being renewed by God?  42 minutes

We Too Should Dance

106-year-old Virginia McLaurin recently visited the White House and joyfully danced with President and Mrs. Obama.  When you consider our relationship with Jesus we too should joyfully dance.  14 minutes

Youth Recitals

A celebration of Black History Month would be lacking if it failed to include the enthusiastic participation of our church youth.  19 minutes

Who Is The Holy Spirit?

Do you regard the Holy Spirit as the third person of the trinity or as a force?  In this message Felix Johnson expounds on the attributes of the Holy Spirit and how we may have access to him and a relationship with him.  37 minutes

When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Gets Going

Trials we encounter in life and how we endure them can both affect our relationship with God as well as be a testimony to his faithfulness.  How did you endure your most severe trial, did you see Jesus involvement in your deliverance?   33 minutes

Moses and His Team

An important aspect of life and Christian ministry is teamwork.  Human beings are social creatures and usually the more we are able to involve others in our endeavors the more effective we can be.   28 minutes

Which Covenant Do You Choose?

The Bible speaks of two covenants established by God, with different audiences, requirements and promises.  As a Christian, you can choose to follow one– but which?  Does God himself provide the answer?  36 minutes

Jesus In Our Homes

What makes up a Christian home?  Pastor Bermie Dizon briefly discusses the great mystery of Christ in us and how it affect our lives.  17 minutes