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First Presbyterian Church of Inglewood
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Christian Living

Learning to Work With People Different From Us

Diversity can lead to division as people live different lives influenced by different traditions and backgrounds.  Such division often generates fear, distrust and discrimination.  The church is called to be a Christ-centered community in diversity, overcoming differences in practices and customs through love.  Here pastor Bermie Dizon discusses how we can learn to live and work with people…

The Awesome God

Where is God during your time of trouble?  Often when trouble comes into our lives God can seem so far away, but is he?  Pastor Bermie Dizon explains the importance of having a clear understanding of who God is and how he relates to us, and the assurance it provides during life’s difficult moments.  42 minutes

We Must Obey God Rather Than Men

Peter’s powerful declaration in Acts 5:29 describes the Christian response to conflict between the commandments of God and those of human government.  But why must we do this?  Throughout Acts chapter 5 we find important and inspiring answers.  36 minutes

When We Get Disappointed

Do you get disappointed with the church?  If so, welcome to the real church!  Pastor Bermie Dizon discusses how we should deal with disappointment within the body of Christ.  38 minutes

The Promise

God has made several promises to his people.  They are usually unconditional and always certain.  John Graham discusses the promised gift of the Holy Spirit as preached in Acts 2 and the assurance it gives all believers.  35 minutes

The Resurrection

The foundation of our faith is the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  He is our hope and our message, and because He lives we also shall live.  44 minutes