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Christian Living

Soaring Like Eagles

Often today’s youth fail to grasp their purpose in life.  Jillian Caranto, pastoral resident, describes how developing a relationship with Christ and dedicating her life to his service has caused her to soar like an eagle.  19 minutes

Celebrating Jesus While Suffering

The Christmas season is a time of joyful celebration of Jesus’ birth. But how can you celebrate if you are in the midst of suffering and pain? This message explains why Jesus Himself is the reason you can celebrate Him while suffering. 29 minutes

Confidence in Me?

God exhibited a certain degree of confidence in Job when Satan was permitted to greatly persecute him, does he have a similar confidence in Christians today?  18 minutes

A Multifaceted Peace

As Christians, Jesus Christ is the source of our peace–and the peace He gives has many different aspects or features.  How is the peace of God multifaceted?  This message explores answers to that question.  25 minutes

The Prince of Peace

During the Christmas season there are frequent references to peace but in reality seldom do men find peace in this world.  This sermon explains how you may experience genuine peace in today’s world.  18 minutes

Thanksgiving: Expressed, Expanded, Expected

One of the signs of a maturing Christian is gratitude, in fact, it is an expression of our faith.  Thanksgiving is the Christian way of life.  In this sermon pastor Bermie Dizon examines giving thanks from three perspectives, pointing out that thanks are expressed, expanded and expected.  33 minutes